Audits & Testing

Turner offers air monitoring and sampling as well as personal sampling to assess respiratory protective equipment. Turner also provides face fit certificates, risk controls and remediations.

Air Monitoring

Air sampling for (asbestos) fibres may be undertaken for a variety of reasons. The main types of sampling TDA provide are:

Personal sampling

  • To assess suitability of respiratory protective equipment
  • To check effectiveness of controls in place
  • To assess compliance with relevant exposure limits

Background sampling

To assess fibre concentrations prior to any activity liable to generate asbestos fibres is commenced. Note: this is generally of limited use, as in most cases the background levels are below the limit of quantification, and the fibre count may also be predominantly non-asbestos fibres.

Clearance sampling

As part of a clearance certification procedure to verify an area is suitable for re-occupation.

Reassurance sampling

That may be undertaken to confirm residual airborne fibre levels (e.g. after removal of an enclosure in a building or enclosed area).

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Testing of personal protective equipment to ensure workers are safe from airborne asbestos and respirable crystalline silica to provide face fit certificates. | Turner Demolition & Asbestos

“We’ve used Wayne and Nick on a few of our jobs now. Their approach to demolition is professional, with their philosophy of removing all demolished materials creating the desired result for our clients. Their approach to asbestos removal is safety-first, safety-last, safety-always. We are happy to use Turner Demolition and Asbestos – experienced, professional, and approachable.”

Bartlem Construction Services

“We have worked with both of you for approximately three years in our role as site hygienist and on all occasions the work ethics shown on site has been to a very high standard and both your client and ourselves have had no problems on site that would prompt us to stop the job and revisit the removal work method cause it was not to an acceptable standard as per the code “how to remove asbestos safely”.”

Lloyd Kiel | Senior Health and Safety Consultant | SLS Environmental Pty Ltd

“I have worked with TDA personnel throughout central Queensland and beyond on a variety of projects, from large scale public sector works including friable asbestos removal works in schools, transport infrastructure, to smaller private residential clients. I have found TDA representatives to take a professional and consistent approach to asbestos removal projects, with superior works planning and risk management that has always ensured projects have been executed on time and without incident.”

David Corbett | Certified Occupational Hygienist | Licensed Asbestos Assessor | Field HSE

“Reliable with prompt detailed quotes and exemplary safety standards. Nick is the only person I trust to do my asbestos removal.”

Warren | Rockhampton Renovations

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