Respirator Fit Testing

TDA conduct both Standard Qualitative Fit Tests & Quantitative Respirator Fit Tests to AS/NZS1715 requirements.

RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) is used in construction, industrial and some commercial workplaces when higher order controls cannot be implemented or do not sufficiently control the hazard. Respiratory Protective Equipment plays an important role to protect each individual’s health from chemicals such as solvents, gases, diesel exhaust particulate, other particulates including biological material (such as pollen), and dusts like silica and asbestos.

There are two methods of fit testing that meet the Queensland Government, Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 standards AS/NZS1715:2009

Staff wearing Respiratory Protective Equipment

Do you have employees that wear tight fitting respirators, either disposable/reusable/half or full face?

If so, do you know it is a regulatory requirement to have a Respirator Fit Test conducted to ensure your employees are protected?

Fit testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment is important as it detects leakage into the respirator through gaps in the seal between the respirator facepiece and the face. Everyone’s faces vary significantly in size and shape, so it is important that a tight-fitting respirator is a suitable fit for each individual. TDA offer fit testing and provides employers with certifications.

TDA are one of the first businesses in Rockhampton to conduct Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing and one of the only to conduct Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing for trades people working in the industrial and construction industry having to wear tight-fitting respirators.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing uses specialised equipment to measure how much air leaks into the respirator. This type of test can be used on half-face and full-face respirators.

Upon successful completion of your fit test, candidates will be provided with an individual fit test card and certificate of attainment.

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing is a pass/fail test that relies on the wearer's ability to taste or smell a test agent.

This type of test can be used on half-face respirators.

Please note: TDA can only conduct fit tests on candidates that are cleanly shaven as this is a requirement as per the standards.

Contact us to book your Respiratory Fit testing to ensure the safety of your staff within their work environment.

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